About the Artist

As a teacher Ali worked to inspire and encourage others to explore, wonder and create.

Life presented Ali with an opportunity, which at the time was a little like falling down a deep dark hole, seemingly endless and scary. Her fall was broken when she realised what she could to do…trust herself because it was her time to explore, create and grow ..... and this is the result ...

“Regardez, Pensez et Aimez…”
Take a moment to “Look, Wonder and Enjoy…” the collection of Limited Edition Lithographic Prints, faithfully translated from a unique range of original paintings by Ali.


“Regardez, Pensez et Aimez…”

Her work evolves as she connects observations from nature, with aspects of the human form, spirit and energy. Final pieces of work therefore become an analogy between the two elements.

Lithographic Prints
The artist is directly involved in the creation of the print at each and every stage. The original artwork in this collection has been produced using mixed media. The work has been professionally photographed and a colour separation is produced from the photo. The information from the colour separation is transferred to photosensitive lithographic plates. Each plate is printed individually.

Limited Editions
Limited Editions have been collectable, since around the nineteenth century. Translating original paintings into Limited Editions, enables an Artist's work to be appreciated and enjoyed by more collectors.
The Artist’s unique signature and the print number are proof of authenticity. The printing plates, films and files used in the process are destroyed following printing.

A “Certificate of Authenticity” signed by the artist is issued with each print.